Mining Electrical Maintenance                 & Safety Association      

MEMSA  - Networking and Sharing Knowledge
 in the New Millenium





About M.E.M.S.A.

MEMSA was first founded as the organization known for fifty four years as OPMA, the Open Pit Mining Association. 

Roots In 1945 by a group of electrical mining employees in a the Midwest area known for it’s surface coal joined together to trade knowledge and ideas relative to theire work in the mining industry. This original group of men and women miners with an electrical interest has grown through the years to include mine electricians, electrical supervisors, and electrical engineers from a diverse spectrum of mining interests including coal, phosphate, aggregates, and potash and hard rock minerals.

Breadth  Electrical suppliers, utilities, service and repair shops, machine and power cable manufacturers, universities and other support groups of the mining industry have joined with this organization to provide a leading forum for electrical leaders of the mining industry .

In 1999 the Mining Electrical Maintenance & Safety Association, MEMSA,  was formed from the Open Pit Mining Association was renamed to better meet the needs of it’s members in an often rapidly changing industry.


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Mission MEMSA Mission and focus is to advance practical standards of applied electricity and maintenance within the mining industry, and to promote safe practices for protection of operating personnel and equipment by providing a forum for miners with an electrical interest.

Membership is open to everyone involved in mining in North America
 and throughout the world.

Annual Technical and Safety Symposium and Meeting


Electrical Safety is a high priority mining issue as mining moves forward with new and more complex issues to face. MEMSA has adopted electrical safety as a one of the key focuses in the organization. Every MEMSA function and meeting will involve electrical safety as a part of the agenda.
People Networking is very important in a changing environment, and MEMSA allows miners of electrical interest to meet and exchange ideas for their common good through with an annual meeting, technical symposium, and other communication.
Sharing Knowledge about mining always can help improve one's professional career as well as improve their company’s bottom line. MEMSA will provide a forum for this exchange.
New Electrical Technology in Mining is advancing rapidly and MEMSA will aide miners in keeping abreast of new developments on a practical level through its networking and annual technical symposium.
Electrical Maintenance in the mine environment is difficult in the best of times. Often knowing who to ask and where to get the right information is vital to a person with maintenance responsibility and MEMSA will provide the venue through it’s technical symposium and people networking.


“MEMSA is Networking and Sharing Knowledge in the New Millennium”