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MEMSA meetings are well organized, packed full of useful and interesting information and experiences, and give lots of opportunity to network with fellow miners and industry experts.  But there is also a balance of social time.  MEMSA ahs always been a family friendly group, and spouses frequently come to the meeting.  There are often special breakfasts and activities for them. 

Here are a few selected pictures and information from past meetings that give you an idea of the meeting's flow. 




 MEMSA's latest registration process makes the whole thing quick and painless.  Online information through the world-class CVENT portal provides participants with simple and fast access to every level of involvement.  At the meeting, friendly and efficient helpers complete the process.


 MEMSA's vigorous attention to the latest safety topics and safety regulations can themselves make the meeting worthwhile.  MSHA [Mine Safety and Health Administration] presenters are frequently part of MEMSA programs,



MEMSA session presenters are selected to bring practical information that applies to a cross-section of the miner's who participate.  


The presentation selection process seeks to bring the latest in mining technology to MEMSA enabling members to keep abreast of developments that affect their work.This can make them more productive as well as safer on the job.




 We definitely eat well during our time together!  Meals are included in the registration package, including the awards banquet.  Our generous industry sponsor partners help with support for our hospitality times.



Banquet Evening - Relaxation and Enjoyment

Gatorland visits the evening banquet!  Lots of crawling critters!