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MEMSA  - Networking and Sharing Knowledge
 in the New Millenium






 MEMSA's Annual Technical Symposium 

Each year MEMSA brings its members and industry support partners together for a useful symposium of high value to those who come.  Highlights and focus points include:



Keynote Speakers  from mining and energy - spotlighting indsutry challenges, trends and solutions
Electrical Safety  Every MEMSA function and meeting will include electrical safety as a part of the agenda.
People Networking allows miners to meet and exchange ideas for their common good and encourages more communication after the meeting.
Sharing Knowledge Sharing mining knowledge can help one's professional career as well as improve their company’s bottom line. MEMSA provides a forum for this exchange by encouraging more communication after the meeting.
Innovations and Electrical Technology through technical presentations from industry leaders and other miners aide members in keeping abreast of new developments on a practical level.
Electrical Maintenance in the Mine Environment Meeting participants share methods and experiences vital to their maintenance responsibilities. Often just learning who to ask and where to get the right information can make the meeting worthwhile.


This Year's Meeting: September 6-7, 2017

Location:  Sheraton Sand Key,
Clearwater Beach FL