About Us

Mining Electrical Contractors (MEC) have been a household name in the mining electrical contracting industry for over a decade. Considered one of Australia’s premier electrical contracting companies, SME’s have held strong and stable positions throughout their involvement in the mining and energy sectors. They pride themselves on providing work for both large and small companies in all areas of the industry. A frequent and trusted choice of top industry clients, SMEs are able to successfully deliver a tailored, comprehensive and cost effective approach to all of their work, with an emphasis on continuing to exceed customer expectations.

SME’s primary focus is on providing safe and reliable electrical contracting services to a diverse range of clients, both domestic and international. The core values of the company are centered around maintaining a high standard of overall performance while adhering to their commitment to continually improve their core service and product offering through ongoing maintenance and research and development. Additionally, SMEs are constantly researching new ways to enhance their services to ensure that they are always providing only the highest quality products and labor to all their valued clients. Through their constant search for innovative and efficient contractors, SME’s are continuously improving upon themselves in order to maintain world-class standards in their core product offering.

One of the most valuable resources that an SME must always remain up-to-date on, is their in-depth knowledge of Australian underground mining laws, including permits, and the required qualifications of any subcontractor that may be working in conjunction with them. It is important for all Contractors to be aware of all current Federal and State laws pertaining to the conduct of underground mining and the licensing of all electricians that will be assisting them in any tasks related to underground mining. Not having current information on these laws can prove costly to all parties, including SME’s, and even end up costing them work by requiring them to sub-contract their own license. This is why it is essential for any good quality electrical contractor to maintain current awareness of all relevant laws. This way, a business can be protected from any potential damage or loss resulting from any mishaps that may occur as a result of improper contracting.